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High levels of creativity and application

The Foundry is keen that our relationships continue way beyond the successful delivery of staff. We aim to be a partner to our clients, advising on a range of issues critical to the hiring of first-class people and offering tried and tested assessment tools from the scientific to the surprising.

We increasingly recommend psychometric testing, working with a number of suppliers, as part of the selection process.

Increasingly, companies need to stay ahead of reward trends. We have developed our own Salary & Benefits Survey, comprising data gathered from a representative sample of the communications industry and updated half-yearly.

To satisfy an ever growing demand for a flexible workforce, we launched The Executive Freelance Club in 1995. As its 'club' status would imply, The Foundry's freelance and interim specialists must meet our membership criteria to join, guaranteeing quality professional standards for our clients.

As an alternative to organic growth, many of our clients want to expedite their expansion by acquiring a company or ready-made team. Our two services, Partnership Search and Team Search, aim to facilitate these options.

At the outset we declared our desire for creativity which is why The Foundry has launched The Astrology Business with the UK's only astrologer to combine Chinese and Western astrology, Paul Watson. We are the only search firm to have explored the value of compatibility assessment in both the selection and retention of staff and offer a range of services in support of HR processes. You can access The Astrology Business direct as part of your own selection process or through The Foundry.